PCB terminology you must know

With the popularization of electronic products, more and more people know the importance of printed circuit board (PCB), but it is a very complicated and huge knowledge system. In this article, we will discuss some terms about the PCB industry so that you can better understand the circuit board.

Printed circuit board professional noun

Array: Usually we also refer to it as panelized, stepped or palletized PCB, which refers to the combination of multiple copies of the PCB into a connected matrix of circuit boards. Usually we refer to the PCB as the bare board of the circuit board, that is, the part that does not contain components, it is not working, and the electronics manufacturer needs to find a suitable PCBA processing plant to complete the assembly after completing the PCB manufacturing. Through the above-mentioned assembly method, PCBA company can complete the assembly work faster. https://www.fs-pcba.com/

Board Aspect Ratio: It is the ratio between board thickness and minimum via diameter, which is very important. We know that a circuit board is an electronic product that contains circuit images, and the circuit diagrams are formed during production through methods such as SUV exposure. In order to ensure the accuracy of circuit images and assembly work, designers need to ensure a lower aspect ratio to reduce potential risks that may arise.

Cable: It is used for the transmission of electric current just like the wires in our daily life. There are various wires in electronic products, these wires connect different components, and they are electrically connected to each other to operate.

Main body: As mentioned above, the PCB board cannot operate alone, but the components are mounted on the surface of the bare board through PCB assembly. These components are very small, but when they are installed, there are many extra parts such as: pins, leads and accessories. In order to accurately express their views, designers usually use the main body of the component to represent the central part of the electronic component. https://www.fs-pcba.com/assembly-pcb/

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