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Mayor Zhang Weizheng personally sent a commendation order to the Municipal Bureau, praising the meritorious personnel in handling the case, saying that Sinochem Municipal Bureau is still a reliable and winnable excellent team, and hoping that Sinochem Municipal Bureau can continue to maintain this state, defend honor with practical actions, and protect the property and personal safety of Sinochem citizens. More than ten days later, the city held a government meeting to discuss the implementation plan of the agricultural and sideline products exchange submitted by the Agricultural Commission. The topics and materials of the meeting were sent to every leading member of the municipal government a few days ago. Seeing the topic of the Agricultural Commission, many people had some ideas in their hearts. No one thought that Zeng Yi, the public enemy of Zhonghua City, had really gained a firm foothold. He not only had a place in Zhonghua City, but also had a certain right to speak. Some time ago, this was an unimaginable thing. When Zeng Yi came to Zhonghua City, a city leader asserted in public that Zeng Yi would definitely stay in Zhonghua City for no more than three months. This assertion has now become a joke, because Zeng Yi in Zhonghua City more and more moist, but with Zeng Yi do not deal with people, life is more and more difficult. Zeng Yi, as usual, arrived at the meeting early,shuttle rack system, and then walked calmly to his position without saying hello to anyone. The conference room has arrived a few, see Zeng Yi come in, but not quite different from before, although the body did not move, also did not say hello to Zeng Yi, but toward Zeng Yi with a smile and gaze. Zeng Yi received these signals,push back racking system, nodded slightly, as a polite response, and then sat in his seat, closed his eyes, ready to wait for the start of the meeting. The leaders arrived one after another, and the conference room gradually became noisy and full of greetings. Zeng Yi could know who was coming without opening his eyes. After attending so many meetings in Zhonghua City for such a long time, he was able to tell which city leader he was by the sound of footsteps and voices. Coincidentally, Zeng Yi heard the voices of Jiang Hong and Li Jietong at the same time. This pair of enemies actually met at the door of the conference room. Comrade Jiang Hong looks good today! Li Jietong was the first to say hello. There was no sign of anger in his voice, not to mention the appearance of firing heavy artillery at Jiang Hong at the last meeting. He laughed and said: "Since the case of injuring the girl was solved, the public security environment in Zhonghua City seems to have greatly improved. Comrade Jiang Hong has contributed a lot!" "Where, where, do public security work, that is thankless work, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,drive in racking system, I this city Bureau chief, usually can not be less scolded!" Jiang Hong also hated Li Jietong deeply. It was Li Jietong who made trouble that made him in a worrying situation now. In the first sentence, he implied that Li Xietong usually "scolded" him a lot and played tricks in secret. Then in the second sentence, he said: "It's Vice Mayor Li. The plan of the Agricultural and By-product Exchange has been implemented so quickly. This is a good thing that really benefits the people's livelihood. Vice Mayor Li commands well! The meeting room was suddenly cold and silent. Everyone could hear the smell of gunpowder in the words of these two people. It was simply a knife to each other's heart. Zeng Yi had always been in charge of the agricultural and sideline products exchange. He had a fart relationship with Li Jietong. Jiang Hong was deliberately hitting Jiang Hong in the face. What kind of command was good? He simply could not convince the public. The key is that these two people are still talking and laughing while stabbing the knife, which is a vivid sketch of officialdom. Ceng Yi heard two people's conversation, also did not open an eye, still where eye view nose, nose view heart. But there are a lot of people as if nothing to look at Ceng Yi, just two people's words, more or less involved in Ceng Yi, they are very much like Ceng Yi war will be what scene, Ceng Da director but never lost ah. Li Jietong was satirized by Jiang Hong. He was angry and ashamed, but his face did not show it at all. He took a seat in his seat, took a sip of tea, and raised his voice: "Comrade Jiang Hong, your bicycle seems to have been downstairs for some time. Find someone to unlock the bicycle and get it back. It's not a thing to put it there." It also affects the entry and exit of other vehicles. ” The people in the meeting room all went to look for things to divert their attention, turning their pens, reading newspapers, and studying the patterns on the table were plunged into the table board. Li Jietong's slap was so hard that it seemed that Jiang Hong was afraid of Zeng Yi and dared not get the car back. Everyone was waiting for Jiang Hong to answer. The car had indeed been parked downstairs for a long time. Not only had the wheels been locked by Zeng Yi, but the glass of the car had been smashed by Li Jietong. It was too shabby to affect the government's view. I just didn't know if Jiang Hong dared to take the car away. Jiang Hong was almost angry. Zeng Yi locked the wheel, but it didn't go to the point of smashing the car. I didn't haggle with you, Li Jietong, about smashing the car, but you kicked your nose in the face. Jiang Hong took a slow puff on his cigarette, leaned back in his chair and said, "I'm afraid that car can't be moved for the time being. I don't know which bastard is so rampant that he dares to smash the car in the city hall. If this case is not solved, the car must not be moved.". That car is there, for our police force, it is also a warning to remind us not to relax carelessly at all times! Li Jietong's face changed, then returned to normal, grabbed a newspaper at hand, shook it open and leaned there to read. Seeing a truce on one side, the people in the conference room were a little disappointed, such a wonderful scene, I am afraid it is very difficult to see the second time in my life! Text ( Chapter 813 a Moment of Sadness and Joy After a silence, Vice Mayor Yang Mingxin walked into the meeting room. He looked around and said with a smile, "Today's atmosphere is a bit serious!" The meeting room was restored to the previous situation, and everyone greeted Yang Mingxin one after another, asking for warmth, and saying the old three kinds of cliche. Yang Mingxin casually took a cigarette handed by others,industrial racking systems, lit it and sat there joking with everyone. Yang Mingxin was ambitious and wanted to go up again. So he was usually approachable and laughed at everyone. If he wanted to go up, besides the appreciation of his superiors, the word of mouth between his peers was also very important.